Are Warm Weekends More Dangerous for Motorcycle Riders?

Written by: Virginia Beach Injury Law

The chances of catastrophic injuries and death for drivers and occupants of motorcycles when a crash happens are high. In Virginia Beach, if you were the victim of a motorcycle crash where you sustained injuries or if you lost a loved one in a deadly Virginia Beach motorcycle accident, you can connect with the Virginia Beach wrongful death attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law. When you work with a knowledgeable attorney, you can learn more about how the claims process works, what the value of your claim is, and get the support and resources necessary to file a claim that may render the highest amount of compensation possible. 

As spring and summer come about each year, taking advantage of spending time outdoors on warm days is something that many people do. Whether it is the beach or the pool or taking a ride on the open road with one’s motorcycle, getting out into the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine can be fun and extremely enjoyable. Though, if you are on the roads, there is always the risk of accidents. 

Why Do Warm Days Increase Crashes?

For motorcyclists who do not have anything surrounding them which can protect them from inclement weather like rain, the preference to drive when the weather is nice tends to be favored. When there is a beautiful weekend expected, there is a higher likelihood that more motorcycle drivers will be inclined to take their bikes out and enjoy a ride. Because of this, motorcycle accidents on warm weekends can be reported more often than during the week or when the weather is inclement.

Due to the significant damages that a motorcycle rider can sustain in a crash, it is important to get the most from an injury claim. For help with your Virginia personal injury claim, the Hampton motorcycle accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law is here for you during your time of need.

Warm days that do not have precipitation happening can make the actual driving conditions for both motorcyclists and cars better than those days where visibility is reduced or the roads are slicker. But because of how appealing it is to enjoy a ride on a nice weekend, more motorcycle drivers tend to hit the road in higher numbers. It is these increased numbers of motorcycle drivers and occupants that lead to more reported crashes taking place.

In 2017, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were 5,172 deaths of motorcyclists. Still, the interest in these bikes and their popularity are skyrocketing across the United States. There was a 67% jump in U.S. motorcycle ownership from 2019 to 2020.

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Motorcycles can be a leisurely way to have a good time but should a crash happen, the aftermath could be devastating, particularly for those on the motorcycle. For help and assistance with a Virginia personal injury claim, please call the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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