Can A Brain Injury Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease?

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The rate of new Alzheimer’s cases is increasing across the United States. Researchers have been examining the disease and individuals suffering from it to determine what factors may be related to the increase in the development of various forms of dementia. In the past 30 years, studies have come about which link the progression of Alzheimer’s with incidents where traumatic brain injuries resulted. 

Impact on the head can cause the brain to smash against the skull and sustain damage. TBI’s occur when the brain tissue is harmed. The aftermath of brain trauma can lead to a victim having problems with cognitive abilities and can also lead to physical limitations and devastation. Not only can a TBI cause a victim to suffer from resulting symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and bad headache soon after their head was impacted by some type of force, but in the long-term, these individuals could be more prone to the development of dementia. 

Will a TBI Lead Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

Having a TBI may not result in Alzheimer’s in a victim’s later years of life, but studies show that a TBI increases the risk a victim has of developing the condition. Car accidents are one of the most common reasons that a person experiences a TBI. If you have suffered a TBI in a Virginia Beach car accident, you deserve compensation for your damages. You have the right to file a Virginia personal injury claim for compensation to help you with the costs of your medical care, and for other damages that you had to endure after your Norfolk car accident. Virginia Beach Injury Law is a Virginia Beach personal injury firm that has extensive experience helping victims of catastrophic Virginia Beach car accidents see their full legal justice and get the compensation they need.

Just one moderate TBI in a person’s past can increase their chances of developing Alzheimer’s by 2.3 times that of a person who didn’t have any incidents of head injury in their past. When a person had a severe TBI in their history, as they aged their risk for developing the ailment shot up to 4.5 times higher than individuals with no brain damage accidents. Having a mild TBI incident hasn’t been shown to put a person at higher risk for Alzheimer’s when they age, but when many mild TBI episodes are present, succumbing to the disease as a senior is increased substantially.

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TBI injuries not only have short-term negative health implications but also have the potential to affect a person’s well-being over the course of their life. Victims of TBI accidents in Virginia Beach can learn more about how to obtain compensation for their damages by meeting with a qualified and experienced Hamptom personal injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law. The Hampton catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law is dedicated to helping victims come by the most compensation possible for the injuries that were suffered. Call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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