Can Communicating Cars Reduce Virginia Crashes?

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There are 90 people that will die every day in the United States because of a fatal car accident. Deadly crashes are a serious issue in the country and with six million accidents happening on average annually, the death toll is often very high. Driving to your job, running errands, or taking your child to school, should not be deadly and dangerous tasks. Yet, oftentimes they are. Improvements in technology are helping car manufacturers find new, innovative ways to make cars safer in the effort to reduce the number of accidents that occur.

Those living in the Virginia Beach area are well aware of the prevalence of car crashes especially during the busy tourist season in the summer. When the days start to get longer and the temperature begins to rise, the people come out to enjoy the ocean, the amenities, the good food, and all of the outdoor activities the area provides. If you were visiting Virginia Beach or you live in and around the area and were the victim of a catastrophic Virginia Beach car crash, Virginia Beach Injury Law can inform you of your rights and options when it comes to obtaining compensation.

Talking Cars May Reduce Crashes

There is a technology that has been tested and is being used that allows cars to effectively “talk” to each other to avoid crashing. Through Vehicle to Vehicle communication technology, your car is scanning the entire way around itself to identify any potential issues that exist. While your car is on the lookout for possible hazards that could lead to an accident, it is also sending out data to other cars while you drive. Some of the information that it transmits includes:

  • Where you are going
  • How fast you are driving
  • Where you are located

Another car with these advanced car safety systems can use the data to make adjustments if you are deemed to be a threat. Additionally, the car is looking for hazards on the road, weather issues, or cars coming up too fast behind you. If a problem is detected, your car will alert you and may even engage itself without you acting to avoid a crash. The extra backup of the car along with the driver staying alert has the potential to cut down on accidents that take place on the road and may save tens of thousands of lives as a result.  Even when a driver is not driving safely or staying attentive, this type of technology may be the necessary backup to stop a crash from happening.

Speak with a Virginia Beach Car Accident Attorney Today

New technology could be the key to reducing car accidents and the destruction that they cause. There are many promising developments coming out and only time will tell. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a Hampton car accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a qualified and experienced Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law. You can schedule an informative and helpful free consultation by calling Virginia Beach Injury Law at (757) 802-4662.

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