Can Passengers Sue after a Crash?

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Many times when discussing a car crash the drivers involved are spoken of the most. Indeed, because of liability, the role the driver has to safely operate their vehicle means their actions are a key determining factor for what happened and how a crash took place. Still, many drivers are not always in their cars alone. Driving with others is common.

Because anyone in a car accident can sustain injuries and suffer harm, it is normal to question what passenger rights are after a crash. This is particularly true if that passenger was you and you are hurt. 

As a passenger, as long as you are not being belligerent and a serious distraction concern for a driver, you have little control over an accident taking place. If you sustained serious physical bodily harm in a crash as a passenger and you want to learn about what your rights and options are, connecting with a lawyer is essential. If you live in or around Virginia Beach, call the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law.

What Can Injured Passengers Do After a Collision?

Even though a passenger is essentially helpless, in most situations, in a crash, that does not mean that they do not have the right to compensation for their damages. The best course of action for victims of an automobile accident is to seek legal counsel. 

After a crash, passengers should check all parties involved to see if there were injuries. If a driver is unable to call 9-1-1, an able passenger should do so. When the authorities are on the crash scene, if there is the suspicion that a party involved in the crash who was driving was intoxicated, the authorities should be alerted to this. Likewise, if a driver fled, this is another important piece of information to give the police.

A passenger should act similarly to the way that a driver would. That is to take pictures, talk to witnesses, exchange contact information, and insurance with the other driver. Seeking medical attention and help from an injury lawyer are also critical action items.

There may be several parties that are liable for financial compensation to a harmed passenger including:

  • The driver of the car that the passenger was riding in.
  • Another driver that was involved in the accident and at fault for it.
  • Potentially, the driver of the car the passenger was in and another driver.
  • Another third party. If a car malfunctioned because of a defect, a manufacturer could be liable.

Passengers who take their case to a qualified Virginia Beach personal injury attorney will be able to have their questions answered and understand better who should be accountable to pay for their damages. In the majority of cases, passengers do not cause accidents. This is why recovering compensation can be less complicated for passengers.

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