Capsizing and Swamping Boats: Most Common Reason for Injuries in Virginia Beach

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Boating is a popular activity in Virginia Beach and there is a good reason why. The waterways that flow throughout the region are some of the nation’s most stunning. From beaches on the bay to those on the Atlantic ocean and the rivers that run through, there are plenty of options for boaters to chose what waterways they want to explore. Both residents of the state and visitors from around the country and the globe come to Virginia Beach to enjoy the water and take out their boats to fish or for many other leisurely reasons.

This is why boat accidents in Virginia Beach are so common because boats are so prevalent. So the rate of boating injuries in Hampton Roads and death in the area from these tragic incidents is higher than in other parts of the state. A Norfolk boating accident can have devastating results, and if negligence is what caused your injuries in one of these events, then speaking with a Virginia Beach boating accident attorney can be an informative way to learn about how you can secure the highest amount of money from a Virginia Beach injury settlement.

What Types of Boating Accidents Happen Most Often in Virginia Beach?

It is important to operate a boat safely because if there is any amount of carelessness, a serious Virginia Beach boating accident can quickly occur. Of all the boating accidents in Virginia Beach that happen, it is capsizing and swamping incidents that occur the most. In both of these situations, it isn’t just the people inside the boat that can be severely injured but also others around the boat that can also be harmed. When an unexpected event happens on the water, there is an increased potential for deadly consequences such as fatally drowning.

When a boat capsizes, it flips over and can either land on its side or completely be turned upside down. There are several reasons as to why boats capsize including an uneven distribution of weight. If a boat has too many people or other heavy objects on one part of the boat with nothing heavy enough on another side of the vessel then it can easily flip. The other way that a boat can roll over is if the way that it is being driven is wild and irresponsible. This can often happen when a boat’s operator is either inexperienced or illegally consuming alcohol which limits proper judgment. 

Swamping occurs when the boat starts to sink because water comes pouring in and fills the vessel. A large wave can come over the boat and begin to accumulate which will destroy the boat’s buoyancy. This too is a very dangerous situation that can lead to critical injuries and potentially death. If your boat starts taking on water, then making sure that everyone inside has a life jacket in case you must swim to safety is necessary.

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