Driving Tips for Snow in Virginia

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How to Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

Whether you have lived in Virginia your entire life or are a newly-minted resident of Old Dominion, you will need to know how to drive safely during a snowstorm. While Virginia is full of Southern Charm, it can see a fair share of inclement weather during the winter months. Learning how to drive safely can help save you and others from serious injury or death. 

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Tips for Driving Safely in the Virginia Snow

With winter weather expected to become more extreme over the coming years across the United States, Virginians should be prepared to drive in sleet, snow, and freezing temperatures. Being prepared for weather-related hazards can help ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Tips for driving safely in the snow:

  • Get your vehicle winterized. Prepare your vehicle for cold weather by taking it in to get winterized. Winterizing your vehicle may include getting snow tires, putting on new blades, checking tire pressure, and packing a survival kit. The more you prepare ahead of time, the safer you will be during an emergency. 
  • Stay off the roads when possible. If you know a snowstorm or other bad weather is approaching, do not go out if you do not have to. Staying off the roads can prove critical to keeping your family safe. It is particularly important to wait until morning so that the roads have a chance to warm up and melt any ice that may have formed during the night.
  • Keep your phone fully charged. If you get into an accident or break down, you will want to be able to contact 9-1-1 or emergency roadside services. Making sure your phone is fully charged before leaving the house can help ensure you have battery power when you need it most. 
  • Store a bag of sand or salt in your car. Sand and salt can help improve traction on slick roads. Salt can also help melt ice in a pinch. If you do not have either of these handy, consider keeping kitty litter nearby. Other good things to have on hand include a solar blanket, ice scraper, water, and food.
  • Listen to local forecasts. Listening to local forecasts can help you to stay informed and make decisions about where to travel. Turn on the news or radio to hear about road closures or where roads have been cleared by local authorities.

Loudoun County, Virginia, offers additional Safe Winter Driving Tips and Preparedness for people to follow. 

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