Elderly Adults Risk Death From Broken Bones

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Catastrophic injuries can mean different things to different people. For example, a teenager can fall and break a bone, but then after they are treated with a cast and time, they heal very well. For a teenager, their quality of life is minimally impacted by the injury. The exact opposite is true for an elderly person. An elderly person who sustains bodily harm is likely to take a longer time to recover, may never fully heal, and can even die as a result of the trauma. The degradation of the body that happens as we age is unavoidable. Not every person will see a decline in their health and vitality at the same rate, but eventually, as we get older our ability to fight off infection, heal from physical harm, and think acutely becomes much harder.

Broken bones are a serious concern for the elderly. According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, at age 50 and above a human becomes 25% more vulnerable to losing their life if they experienced a bone fracture. Bone fractures can happen from many types of accident situations. For anyone of any age group that lives in the greater Virginia Beach area, if you were hurt and injured by the negligence of another party, connecting with a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney will help you learn more about your options for obtaining compensation for all of your damages. Specifically for older adults, if you were harmed in a Virginia Beach injury incident, the bodily harm you suffered may require extensive medical care and treatment making your trauma catastrophic. 

What Bones Cause the Most Incidents of Death in the Elderly?

A bone fracture is not a guaranteed death sentence, but the vulnerability that older adults have when they sustain a fracture is substantial enough to take note of. Men face the most danger of losing their life when it comes to a hip injury more so than women. According to the study, men were 33% more vulnerable to dying after a hip fracture while women were 20% more susceptible to death after this type of injury incident. 

Whether you were in a slip and fall accident or a car crash in Virginia Beach, Ron Kramer is a Hamptom personal injury attorney that can help you with your Virginia Beach personal injury claim. Healing from a broken bone in Virginia Beachthat resulted from another person’s negligence can be an expensive prospect. Victims, especially those that are older who may need significant and costly medical treatment can recoup that money through a settlement. The financial burdens of medical expenses, property destruction, and other damages can all be addressed in a fair and comprehensive Virginia Beach personal injury claim.

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Older adults that suffer from broken bones can die because of them. Hip fractures are by far the most deadly, followed by all types of pelvic and femur fractures. Other notable and dangerous types of broken bones include vertebral, clavicle, rib, upper arm, and lower leg. After a Hampton injury accident, call Virginia Beach Injury Law to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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