Golf Cart Accidents in Virginia Beach

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Golf carts make traversing the green much easier. There are even some communities that only allow golf carts as a means of motorized transportation. Golf carts offer a tremendous amount of convenience which is why they aren’t just used on golf courses, they are also commonly used by hotel staff, airport personnel, and on large campuses. These fun vehicles appear to be fairly innocuous. When you consider all of the causes of personal injuries every year, golf cart accidents are typically not the first thing that you might think of. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that golf cart accidents are responsible for around 15,000 injuries annually across the United States.

Golf carts are used all around the Virginia Beach area for various purposes. The chances that if you have visited Virginia Beach or if you live here that you rode in a golf cart at least once are high. But while you may not think twice about driving around in a golf cart, you should be aware that as a motorized vehicle they can pose a threat of harm. After a Virginia Beach golf cart accident, only the most experienced and proficient Virginia Beach golf cart accident attorney will do. Connect with Virginia Beach Injury Law today to discuss your Hampton golf cart accident and learn more about what you can do to be fairly compensated for your injuries.

How Are Virginia Beach Golf Carts Dangerous?

There are many situations where a golf cart is used the same way that a car is, but golf carts do not have the safety features and protections that automobiles do. For example, many golf carts are not equipped with the most basic safety feature, the seat belt. The reason why is simple, they are not required to have seatbelts. When you think about how fast a golf cart can go, up to 40 miles per hour, a collision without much surrounding protection or the ability to stay strapped in with a seatbelt can have devastating consequences for the individuals inside of the golf cart.

Golf carts are not held to the same safety standards as the cars we drive on our roads and highways, nevertheless, they can still crash. Without any type of extra attention to a secure design and manufacturing, should a Virginia Beach golf cart collision take place, occupants of the vehicle will be in danger of serious harm. Some of the most common golf cart accidents in Virginia include:

  • Tipping over.
  • Occupants being ejected from the vehicle or falling out.
  • Bad brakes or faulty engines due to negligent maintenance schedules.
  • Drunk drivers.
  • Distracted driving.
  • Driving on surfaces that have obstacles like debris or potholes.
  • Driving on steep hills.

Speak with a Virginia Beach Golf Cart Accident Attorney

The state of Virginia requires individuals who want to file an injury claim have a licensed Virginia personal injury attorneyassisting them. To improve your ability that you can secure the highest amount of money from your Virginia personal injury claim, connect with the talented Norfolk golf cart accident lawyer at Virginia Beach Injury Law to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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