The Greater Risk of Commercial Truck Accidents Over the Holidays

Written by: Virginia Beach Injury Law

If you are traveling during the holidays, you are not alone. According to the United States Department of Transportation, long-distance trips increase by 54% during Thanksgiving and 23% during Christmas to the New Year. Not only should you be prepared for many other drivers traveling to and from various get-togethers and holiday events but you should also be well aware of the increase in truckers as well. 

With increased traffic and the likelihood of more drivers attending holiday functions where alcohol is served, staying cautious and alert while driving is imperative. It is always important to drive safely and respect the rules of the road. This is especially true when there is an elevated risk for accidents.

Why Are Truck Accidents More Frequent During the Holidays?

The holiday season is a time of celebration and giving. Because of this, more people are ordering products and gifts for delivery. As truck drivers face increased demands their job can become much more stressful. Truck drivers under the pressure of getting all of their cargo to their destination in time can make them more likely to rush from one location to the next. Speeding is unlawful and dangerous and with more large trucks rapidly trying to meet their deadlines, this can pose a greater threat to others on the road.

In addition to more truck drivers and more long-distance travelers, the holiday season can also bring about inclement weather conditions in many areas of the country. Even though truck drivers are supposed to be trained on how to navigate such potentially perilous conditions, any mistake can have devastating outcomes. If a truck driver is feeling drowsy from working long hours and not abiding by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations, they may not be as keen to react appropriately as they would if they were more attentive to the operation of their truck and their surroundings.

Commercial truck accidents can have cataclysmic results. People who suffer catastrophic injuries from a large truck accident in Virginia Beach should seek medical attention immediately. Then, connecting with the Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can also be quite helpful when it comes to filing a Virginia personal injury claim for compensation.

Personal injury claims after a commercial truck accident can be tricky because there can be multiple parties that are liable for paying for a victim’s damages. Determining what a fair settlement amount is and then who is responsible for paying for those damages can be challenging. But having the right legal representation can make the personal injury claims process go much smoother.

Speak to a Virginia Beach Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

In the aftermath of a commercial truck accident, the driver of the truck, the company where they are employed, and even the company that loaded the truck could all have some amount of culpability for the crash happening. Victims of a commercial vehicle accident in Virginia Beach can seek the assistance of a Norfolk commercial vehicle accident attorney. To learn more about obtaining compensation from a Virginia personal injury claim, please call Virginia Beach Injury Law to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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