How a Moderate Virginia Beach Car Accident Could be Catastrophic

Written by: Virginia Beach Injury Law

Sometimes a Virginia Beach car accident appears to have only resulted in minor harm when in fact, the damages that impact a victim are far-reaching. There are cases where the initial physical harm of a Hamptom car accident is easily remedied by an emergency room visit but the other types of negative repercussions that a victim sustains can greatly impact the quality of their life. When you have been injured in a car crash it is critically important that you speak with a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney to review the details of your case and learn about what damages you can file your suit for to receive compensation.

Even minor accidents can have extensive damages that a victim must endure. Ron Kramer of Virginia Beah Injury Law is a Virginia Beach car accident attorney that can examine your Norfolk car accident and detail what a fair settlement would look like. For more than a decade, Ron Kramer has been advocating on behalf of victims who sustained severe injures after they suffered an incident that happened from the negligence of another party. He has secured large settlement amounts for injured parties that he supported and he will fight aggressively to do the same for you.

Can A Minor Accident Actually Be Catastrophic?

Some injuries get minimal medical treatment during the aftermath of a Virginia Beach automobile accident but the greater impact they have on a victim could be long-term and permanent. Brain damage is an example of something that may be identified after an accident but the far-reaching consequences of such an injury can make it difficult for an individual to function in life. This detriment may result in the need for additional support or medical care.

It is very important for a victim to speak with a qualified Virginia personal injury attorney because not only could there be a greater need for medical care based on the physical harm they suffered, but there can also be mounting costs to the victim from other areas. When your trauma affects your ability to work you may not be able to earn a paycheck or be only able to do a job that pays less than what you made before you were injured. You could also have suffered significant distress and developed a mental condition. You might even feel like a completely different person after your accident which could cause a strain in the relationships you have with your loved ones. 

There are many ways that a Virginia Beach traffic collision can affect a victim, and victims who are deeply affected by their experience deserve to get the compensation they require to account for that. A personal injury claim isn’t just the medical bills that come up after an injury, but it also encompasses all non-economic consequences that a victim has to go through.

Speak with a Virginia Beach Personal Injury Attorney Today

Ron Kramer is a Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney and he knows how to evaluate injury incidents to calculate their worth. Virginia Beach Injury Law has the resources and talent to ensure that victims of Virginia injury accidents are fairly compensated receiving the highest settlement amount possible. Call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule your free consultation at (757) 802-4662 today.

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