How Admissions Can Help or Harm an Injury Claim

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In 2020, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, Virginia Highway Safety Office reported that there were 105,600 crashes throughout the state. These crashes resulted in 847 fatalities and 52,668 injuries. Of course, the pandemic caused fewer people to be driving on the road, which meant fewer overall accidents. For example, from 2016 to 2019 before the pandemic, there were on average 128,980 total crashes. This is a far cry from the 105,600 crashes that took place in 2020.

Still, the number of deaths that resulted from the crashes in 2020 was the highest of all of the years reported, 2016-2020. The death rate that year was 1.14 compared to the average death rate for 2016 to 2019 which was .94. There may have been fewer drivers on the road in 2020, but when Virginia car accidents did take place they were quite deadly. 

Victims of Virginia automobile accidents that take place in or around the Virginia Beach area can work with an experienced Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law for support with their claim. The experienced Hampton Roads personal injury lawyer will be able to examine all aspects of a victim’s accident to find evidence that supports securing maximum recovery.

How Can a Driver’s Words be Used Against Them After a Crash?

There are several pieces of information that may be used as evidence in a Virginia personal injury claim. Video footage, police reports, pictures, witness statements, and more can be beneficial in helping a victim show that another party was negligent and it was that carelessness that caused their accident and resulting damages.

If you have ever been in a crash before or if you know someone who has you may know that what you say can impact your case. This is why it is recommended not to say anything at the accident scene. Of course, when the police are asking for your contact information you can provide that but you do not have to make statements regarding who was at fault. 

When statements like the following are made, they may be used in a personal injury claim:

  • “I am so sorry for hitting you!”
  • “I didn’t see you, I am so sorry!”
  • “This is all my fault!”

These statements and many others like them can be either helpful for your case or harmful for your case. If you are the one making these statements, they can be harmful. But, if the other party is making them, then, they can be helpful.

Admissions Against Interest, from a legal standpoint, is when one party says something that can cause self-inflicted harm. In this situation, judges and juries typically will believe that these statements should be true. As a result, they can weigh heavily on the outcome of your personal injury case.

Even if another party that did not cause the accident makes a statement at the accident scene this still may be useful. So for instance, if a driver doesn’t make an admission against interest but their passenger says something like “See, I told you to put your phone down-that is why you didn’t see them!” These words are also incredibly powerful and can be useful to building your claim.

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