How Delivery Drivers in Virginia Beach Can Be Dangerous

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One of the most convenient services we have at our fingertips is the plethora of delivery options available to get anything we order directly to our home. In the age of COVID, shopping and social distancing are easy to do when the only thing that is required of you is to put in an order for almost anything you want and have it show up on your doorstep within a matter of days or even hours. However, even though the addition of these services to various communities gives residents more serviceability, it also makes neighborhood roads more dangerous for children, other pedestrians, and drivers, as reported by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Why are Delivery Drivers in Virginia Beach Dangerous?

When a new delivery service is introduced to an area, the common thought is that there will be fewer drivers on the road. This is because it is believed that more people will stay inside and allow the delivery service to do the driving. This is partly true, but with more and more delivery services competing in neighborhoods, not only is their local traffic but also more drivers waiting for job opportunities or taking products from one location to the next. In fact, many drivers that are not actively transporting products from place to place will simply drive around until a new delivery pops up.

Delivery drivers are also more prone to engage in unsafe driving practices. As time is always an issue when your job is to deliver quickly and with a deadline, drivers may speed, run red lights and stop signs, not yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and more. All of these behaviors create a dangerous situation for residents of communities that have received an influx of delivery services. There is also the frustration that residents of communities may feel when drivers come in and double-park a car restricting its ability to move and even take people’s parking spots.

The University of Chicago’s business school along with the Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State actually looked at the effects delivery services had on communities. Traffic incidents increased by 3% when new delivery services were introduced into communities and not only that, the rate of collisions continues to increase as time passed.

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