Improvements in Motorcycle Safety Technologies

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Motorcyclists are at high-risk for serious and catastrophic injuries as well as death when they are in a traffic accident. There is very little protection that a motorcycle driver has that can keep them from the damage that comes with a traffic accident. Every state has its own laws regarding the use of protective gear that motorcyclists must wear to lawfully ride their bikes. It has been well researched and documented that helmet use can decrease the severity of injuries when motorcycle accidents happen. In the state of Virginia, motorcycle drivers and their passengers must wear a helmet.

While motorcycle accidents in Virginia don’t happen as much as accidents between passenger vehicles when they do take place the data shows that they result in some of the most devastating outcomes. In 2019 there were close to 2,000 motorcycle accidents in Virginia and the aftermath of these accidents was 89 dead and 1,638 individuals injured. If you have been in a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident, it is imperative that you obtain the highest amount of compensation to cover the costs of your damages. Working with the Virginia Beach motorcycle accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law will ensure you have the very best and most knowledgeable legal representation supporting you.

How Manufacturers are Improving Safety for Motorcycle Riders

All automobiles have the potential to be deadly when an accident takes place. For motorcycle riders, the risk of death is much higher than for someone who is sitting in a car, truck, or another passenger vehicle. This is why manufacturers of motorcycles are constantly doing research and working diligently to learn more about how to develop further safety improvements in motorcycle design and associated safety gear. Some of the new technologies that exist to help increase motorcycle safety include:

  1. While airbags can’t be positioned on a motorcycle the way they are installed in a passenger vehicle, manufacturers have looked outside of the box to utilize this beneficial safety technology. When the same technology is incorporated into specific clothing articles like vests or jackets they can enhance the safety of drivers and passengers on motorcycles. These pieces of clothing use a sensor to identify a collision and respond by deploying the bags the same way that the bags would in a car. The buffer they provide offers more protection from bodily damages.
  2. Incorporating anti-lock brake systems into motorcycle designs allows a motorcycle to better slowly and steadily decrease speed and stop. In the event of a hazard when quick reactions result in slamming down on the breaks the anti-lock technology keeps the wheels from locking up and throwing occupants off of the bike.
  3. When adaptive headlights are used on a motorcycle they illuminate a wider amount of space so that the driver can see more clearly. The good news is that if you don’t have adaptive headlights on your motorcycle you can purchase them and they are fairly easy to set-up and update your bike.
  4. Electronic Throttle Control allows a driver to better control their speed and reduce the dangers of a collision.

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