Locations Where Car Accidents Happen the Most in Virginia

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Any time you hit the road you are at risk of being in a collision and sustaining injuries. Car accidents are unpredictable and they happen every day. Automobile accidents are responsible for hundreds of thousands of serious injuries and thousands of deaths each year in the United States. While a crash can take place anywhere, there are certain locations where they tend to occur most frequently. If you have been hit and injured in a Virginia Beach car accident then it is imperative that you work with the finest legal counsel when you decide to file a Virginia Beach personal injury claim.

Ron Kramer is a Hampton catastrophic injury attorney that handles the most devastating types of injury accidents in Virginia Beach. Obtaining the highest amount of compensation from a personal injury claim in Virginia is critical to recouping costs for losses such as medical expenses and property damages that result from a Virginia car accident. Ron Kramer and his legal team are dedicated to helping victims get the best possible results.

What Locations do Virginia Car Accidents Happen Most Often?

There are certain locations that are more prone to car accidents than others. Places where car accidents happen often include:

  • Near your home. It may be surprising, but according to one study done by Progressive Insurance, approximately 52% of non-fatal crashes take place five miles or closer to a person’s home. Driving just a bit further from home, 77% of all crashes happen 15 miles from people’s homes. Backing out of driveways and hitting other cars on the road happens quite frequently.
  • Parking lots are where many accidents take place. Distracted driving is the most common reason for these incidents. The National Safety Council reports that as high as 66% of all drivers will use their cell phones when they are driving in a parking lot. Every day there are fender benders and other car accidents in Virginia parking lots.
  • Rural roads that are two lanes have the highest rate of fatal crashes. More than 57% of deadly car accidents take place in rural areas.
  • Approximately 15% of all fatal collisions that are reported each year take place in an intersection. Whether it is running red lights or stop signs, intersections can be busy locations rife with crashes.

In addition to location, time of day can also increase the risk of an accident. Rush hour, when commuters are tired and less patient, poses a very risky time to be on the road. Many crashes take place during rush hour times in the morning and the evening. Rear-end collisions are common during these timeframes. Often, victims of rear-end accidents suffer from whiplash injuries.

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As a torte state, Virginia allows victims to hold negligent parties accountable for the damages they suffered from their Virginia Beach car crash. The skilled Virginia Beach personal injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can speak with you and provide you guidance about your legal rights after you were victimized by another party. Consultations are free, call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule yours at (757) 802-4662.

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