Reasons Why Your Car Accident Claim was Denied

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Automobile accidents are very common occurrences across the United States, so much so they account for a leading reason why people report being seriously injured and losing loved ones each year. Car accidents can be very expensiveprimarily because the damages that result tend to be severe and costly. Medical care and vehicle repair bills are not cheap. 

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that in 2019, there were 8,760 deaths in just car occupants alone. Combined, the cost of the medical treatment these victims amassed totaled more than $107 million. For victims that were car occupants, the average cost for each case was over $12,000 to pay for medical treatment. Medical treatment, though, is not the only expense that a victim can incur. Property damages, missed wages, and pain and suffering are other detrimental forms of harm that can also mount and be a heavy financial burden for victims. 

Personal injury claims can offer a victim the ability to recover their expenses and losses if their claims are successful. If you have been in a car accident in Virginia Beach or were injured in another incident by the actions of a negligent party you may be able to file a claim. To learn more the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can review your case and discuss your options for compensation with you.

Why Victims Lose Their Ability to Recover Compensation from Their Personal Injury Suits

Filing a personal injury suit is not a guarantee that compensation will ensue, but if you have a strong case and you are strategic with your approach you improve your chances for this happening. Though, there are specific issues that can arise which can derail a claim and have it denied.

  • Every state has its own statute of limitations for filing a claim. This is the amount of time that a victim has to get their claim filed before it will no longer be possible to engage in the personal injury claim process. Missing the statute of limitations most often means you lose your right to recovery from your accident.
  • Not using a knowledgeable attorney that knows the law and how to build winning personal injury suits. A lawyer is an advocate for victims and this is why, statistically, using a lawyer increases a victim’s chance for both obtaining compensation and getting the most from their claim.
  • Fault can also stop a personal injury claim from obtaining compensation. In Virginia, the pure contributory negligence rules mean that if you had any fault, you are not permitted to recover financial compensation.
  • You post information on your social media sites that the insurance adjuster is able to use against you to reduce the amount of compensation you get or deny your claim completely.
  • You do not gather enough substantial evidence to prove your position and that negligence on behalf of another party occurred. Medical bills, doctor’s notes, witness statements, pictures, videos, and more are all important components of a strong personal injury claim.

Speak with a Virginia Beach Personal Injury Attorney Today

These examples are just a sampling of the reasons why a claim may be lost. To best protect yourself and improve your chances for the most favorable outcome after an accident, the Hampton Roads injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law offers free consultations. Call today at (757) 802-4662.

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