Should I Call the Insurance Company Right After a Virginia Car Crash?

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Car accidents are stressful and overwhelming, especially if they produce catastrophic injuries and harm to those involved. It can be very confusing as to what steps to take, what order to take them in, or what must be done to resolve the incident and recover your losses. Victims who are injured that have not received emergency treatment at the scene of a crash or who were not taken to the hospital for care should still see a medical provider for an examination. It is imperative to a car accident victim’s overall health and wellbeing that any injuries are identified so that they can be treated.

In Virginia, visitors and residents who are injured in the greater Virginia Beach area can call on the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law for help managing the aftermath of a crash. Of the many legal resources and support that can be gained from working with an attorney, handling communication with the insurance company is an important one. 

When Should I Call the Insurance Company After a Crash?

One of the actions that victims of car accidents often think they should do after a crash is to call the insurance company to speak with an agent. The reality is that even if the agent comes off as compassionate to the situation, their ultimate goal is to find ways to avoid paying for damages or pay as little as possible to victims. Insurance companies are on the side of their bottom line, they are not on yours.

It is important that victims of Virginia car accidentsunderstand their rights and not take any steps that could harm their potential to secure compensation for their damages. If you have been in a car accident, seeking medical treatment is necessary after which, speaking to a Hampton personal injury attorney should be next.

Your attorney will be able to provide you with legal counsel regarding how to handle the insurance agent and what you should and should not say to them. Your attorney can also manage the communications with the insurance agent to best protect your interests.

It is not uncommon for insurance agents to quickly get in touch with victims to minimize the time the victim has to connect with a lawyer. In this situation, not only should victims not admit any responsibility for the car accident, but they should instead tell the agent that they will be having their attorney be in contact to discuss the situation. This puts the insurance agent on notice that they are going to have a difficult time undermining you and engaging in deceitful tactics to get out of having to fairly compensate you for your damages.

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