Suing for Bar Fight Injuries

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How to Know If You Should File a Claim After a Bar Fight

Whether you are a frequent patron of a local establishment or a tourist checking out the night scene, a bar can be a fun and entertaining place. Unfortunately, it can also be dangerous. Any time large amounts of alcohol are being served, things can go from bad to worse quickly. One of the most common problems in bars is fights between customers.  

If you are involved in a bar fight, you might wonder whether you have the right to sue. At Virginia Beach Injury Law, we represent people who have been injured due to another person’s wrongdoing. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the largest compensation possible based on the circumstances of their cases. 

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What Should I Do If I Am Injured in a Bar Fight?

If you are injured in a bar fight in Virginia Beach or the surrounding areas, you need to act quickly to protect your rights. Depending on the situation, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. 

It is important to note that it can be difficult to prove who started the fight, so you need to ask for the contact information of any eyewitnesses that were at the bar when the fight occurred. 

You may also want to contact the police to report the incident. If the fight was unprovoked and you were merely defending yourself from an attack, the aggressor might face both civil and criminal penalties. 

Who Is Liable in a Bar Fight in Virginia?

Generally, liability in a bar fight is limited to the people involved in the fight. Virginia does not impose third-party liability on a bar or restaurant that overserves a patron. Therefore, you cannot sue the bar if you were involved in a bar fight unless you can prove that they were negligent. 

In essence, you must show that they owed you a duty of reasonable care, that they breached their duty, and that that breach resulted in your damages. Proving third-party liability is particularly challenging and should be handled by an experienced attorney. 

Am I Entitled to Damages?

In some cases, the victim of a bar fight may be entitled to damages. Whether or not you are able to sue usually depends on a number of factors, including who started the fight, whether or not it was provoked, and if you assumed the risk. To determine whether you have a valid claim for damages, you need to consult with an attorney. 

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