The Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Virginia

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There are several ways that a car accident can occur. This is why there are so many accidents that happen every day in the country. Across the nation, approximately six million accidents take place on an annual basis. 

In the state of Virginia in 2019, there were 128,172 crashes reported. In 2020, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles shows that the commonwealth had 105,600 crashes. The VA DMV also has data on how crashes happened including alcohol-related car accidents, speeding incidents, and crashes where a car’s occupants did not wear a safety belt.

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What was the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in Virginia?

The data from the VA DMV shows clearly that of all the identifiable causes of crashes from 2016-2020 in the state, speeding was by far the most common reason for vehicular accidents. This comes as no surprise given that speeding is also the leading cause of accidents throughout the United States.

On average, during this five-year period, there were 7,125 crashes that took place that was alcohol-related. There were on average 4,828 crashes where people were not wearing their seatbelts. For speeding, there was on average 24,264 crashes. The number of crashes from speeding shows that this form of aggressive and reckless driving behavior is rampant.

Even though there were fewer crashes on the roads in 2020, most likely due to people staying inside, speeding crashes in Virginia caused the most fatal car accidents that year. There were 406 fatalities in 2020. That is 57 more fatalities than the previous year. In 2020, alcohol-related crashes were responsible for 272 deaths, and not wearing a seatbelt in a crash resulted in 343 deaths.

Speeding crashes are completely preventable. A driver has the ability to choose to speed or not. It is possible for every driver to always obey the posted speed limits on various roadways. The speed limits that are put in place are there for everyone’s safety. Still, an alarming number of drivers continue to speed.

In Virginia, drivers can face points on their license, fines, suspension of license, and even jail time depending on how fast they are going. While these penalties can be harsh, they are not completely deterring Virginia drivers from driving faster than they should.

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Speeding is extremely dangerous. A driver who speeds not only puts their own life and wellbeing in jeopardy but that of others on the road near them. 

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