The Most Dangerous Road in Virginia Beach

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The state of Virginia is beautiful and diverse. You can find a scenic drive in the gorgeous countryside, in the mountains, near the coast, and throughout historic cities. The state has a lot to offer residents as well as visitors. However, in Virginia, there are some roads that tend to have more accidents than others and therefore are much more dangerous for drivers. I-95 is well-known for massive traffic congestion of cars, motorcycles, and large trucks. This long stretch of roadway is also notorious for car pileups, truck fires, and many types of traffic accidents that lead to several injuries and deaths every year.

Outside of the I-95 corridor in Virginia Beach, there is one road in particular that also has it’s a fair share of catastrophic accidents. If you have been in a Virginia Beach car accident, it is imperative that you know your rights and you secure as much compensation as possible to help you pay for your damages. Virginia Beach Injury Law has the most effective and talented Norfolk automobile accident attorneys in the Virginia Beach area. At Virginia Beach Injury Law, we fight relentlessly for our clients to see their full legal justice. Any victim of a devastating accident which caused injuries or death in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, Portsmouth, Hampton, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and throughout the Eastern Shore should call Virginia Beach Injury Law today.

What is the Most Dangerous Stretch of Road in the Virginia Beach Area?

It is important to always engage in responsible and safe driving practices anytime a driver gets behind the wheel to reduce the risk of an accident. For areas that are known to be more accident-prone, drivers should be extra vigilant. In Virginia Beach, it is best that visitors and residents alike be careful when they are driving on Shore Drive. For decades, Shore Drive has been a road where the rate of accidents has been high.

Since 1971, Shore Drive in Virginia Beach has had more than 80 deaths from fatal automobile accidents. Drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists all face increased risk when traveling about on Shore Drive. Due to the increased number of crashes on this road, “Share Shore Drive Day” was created to take place in July to bring attention to the dangers that are present in the area. As a part of the day’s events, the road closes to automobiles and makes available information to the public about safety when traveling on the road.

Where the speed limit was once 45 mph, local government officials have reduced the speed limit to 35 mph as a part of increased roadside safety efforts. Drivers are reminded to be respectful and responsible while driving near other cars as well as anyone walking, jogging, or bicycling nearby.

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