Top 3 Deadliest Types of Road Accidents

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When negligence by another party is what leads to the death of your loved one in Virginia, you may have a strong case to file a Virginia wrongful death claim for compensation on their behalf. It is best to speak to a Virginia Beach wrongful death attorney to learn more about your options and if compensation is possible. An experienced attorney can provide you with beneficial legal guidance and determine a fair value for your case that includes all of the trauma and damages you suffered. 

Wrongful death cases are extremely difficult for those the deceased individual left behind. But, while a claim for compensation will not undo your loss, it can help you with all of the life changes and costs that come with losing a loved one. It is important that negligent parties whose behavior caused the unexpected death of your loved one be held accountable for their actions. The skilled catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can help make this so.

What Types of Road Accidents Cause Death Most Often?

People are not immortal beings and because of this, we all have a limited amount of time to enjoy our lives with our loved ones. There are many reasons why a person may lose their life. But, when carelessness is behind the loss of life and it cuts life short unexpectedly, those loved ones that have to move on from the incident deserve to have their rights protected. They also are entitled to secure compensation for everything they had to endure.

The following wrongful death incidents on the road are some of the most commonly reported across the United States every year:

Car Crashes

Each year in the United States there are approximately six million accidents reported. The aftermath of a car accident can be mild to deadly. Most often, there is some type of physical bodily harm that results from a car accident. In 2019, according to the National Safety Council, there were 39,107 deaths from car accidents which represent an 831% increase from car accidents deaths in 1913. After a car accident, consulting with a Virginia Beach car accident attorney increases your chances of securing the most compensation from your claim.

Truck Accidents

With a growing number of truckers on the road traveling about to meet the demand from consumers, commercial truck accidents are on the rise. Often, because of how large and heavy trucks are compared with the smaller vehicles they collide with the results of these collisions tend to be catastrophic to deadly. Truck accident claims for compensation can be very complicated because of how many parties could be held liable for the resulting damages. Working with the Hampton Road commercial vehicle collision attorney can help you get the most favorable results from your claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

With very little protection surrounding them, when a motorcyclist crashes, they can be thrown from their bike to suffer great and grave bodily harm. Securing the most compensation from a Virginia motorcycle injury claim is essential. The Norfolk motorcycle accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can assist you with your claim.

Speak With a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Virginia Beach Today

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can have devastating and deadly results. But pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents are other types of deadly road incidents that happen with high frequency across the country. To have your case examined by a skilled Virginia Beach personal injury attorney, please call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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