Top Three Reasons Why Large Truck Accidents are So Catastrophic

Written by: Virginia Beach Injury Law

Accidents where large 18-wheelers are involved often have catastrophic outcomes, specifically when they collide with much smaller passenger vehicles. There are many reasons why this happens, but three reasons, in particular, stick out as the most common grounds as to why large truck accidents are so devastating. When a Virginia Beach large truck accidenttakes place and there are at least one or multiple smaller passenger vehicles involved, the destruction has the potential to be massive. Most notably, the occupants of the smaller vehicles normally sustain the full force of the collision and the most substantial damages.

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What are the Top Three Reasons Large Truck Accidents are So Dangerous?

Statistics from 2014 show that fatalities reported from traffic incidents where large trucks were involved resulted in 97% of passengers in smaller private vehicles losing their life. The devastation that can come from a large truck accident is real and present, and there are reasons why.

  • Size

Large big rigs are huge in their size, length, and weight. These enormous trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When you compare that heavy-weight to the average sedan that at best weighs up to 4,000 pounds, it is crystal clear why a collision between the two vehicles will spell disaster for the occupants of the sedan.

  • Truck driver’s Ability to Operate Their Big Rig

The reality is that to drive a big truck safely it takes specialty training, practice, and a lot of experience. Trucks are bulky, they can be hard to keep balanced, and they need a very wide amount of space to make even the simplest of turns. There are so many roads in the United States that don’t even have roads large enough to accommodate those turns, making a truck driver pull from their training to judge how and when to make the movements necessary to safely continue on their winding route. Add environmental factors like high winds or passenger vehicles cutting off a truck that can’t immediately come to a stop, or a road hazard where a large truck cannot easily swerve out of the way, maneuvering a truck is highly complex. The most basic misjudgment can lead to substantial ruin on the road.

  • Inability to Stop Quickly

Trucks can’t slam on the breaks and come to a complete stop quickly. The amount of inertia that their heavy cargo has on their speed and that propels them forward means that if they are in a situation where an emergency brake needs to be done, it can be very messy. Large trucks need a lot of room to slide into a stop. Anything in front of a truck, while it is trying to slow down, is at maximum danger of being hit and severely damaged.

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