Virginia Night Driving Can Have Deadly Consequences

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When you are driving you have to be able to see clearly. If your vision is obstructed you obviously will not be able to see other drivers, objects in the road, and other perils that could exist while you are behind the wheel. There are certain times of the day and night where deadly accidents happen most often, and driving during dawn, dusk, and at night makes for difficult conditions to operate a motor vehicle because it is much harder to see during these times. Even though your car has bright headlights and depending on where you are driving there may be ample light from the road and from homes and businesses, driving at night is still a risky task.

Because there is a higher chance of getting into a deadly car accident in Virginia while driving at night, it is important to take increased precautions. Even people with the best vision can have issues seeing while driving at night. If you were hit and injured in a Virginia Beach car accident, working with a Virginia Beach car accident attorney is the best way to protect your rights and secure the compensation you need to pay for the damages that you sustained. The Hampton Roads catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can assist you with your personal injury claim and will assess your case to determine a fair value.

Dangers of Night Driving

When you drive during the nighttime hours, there are several issues that have the potential to arise which can cause a car accident. The reality exists that even though there is much less traffic at night, as high as 60% of other vehicles not driving about, 40% of all the reported deadly accidents take place under the dark cover of the night. While headlights can help you see the road and your surroundings better, they are harsh for your eyes when you are seeing headlights coming towards you from other cars either behind you or in front of you. It can be very difficult for your eyes to adjust as these bright lights flash by. Because of this, your vision is not going to be at its best and you may miss a hazard or other obstacle on the road that could lead to an accident.

It isn’t just the darkness and the challenges that come with driving at night such as your eyes having to continually acclimate to brightness and darkness that causes serious accidents in Virginia, but also the types of drivers that are on the road. In particular, there tend to be many more people driving with some level of alcohol in their system at night versus the daytime. Impaired drivers pose a significant threat to others and if one of these reckless parties causes your Norfolk car crash, speaking to a Norfolk car accident attorney will be necessary to secure the compensation you are entitled to. 

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