Who Is Liable in Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

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Obtaining Compensation If You Are Injured in a Commercial Accident

Were you injured in a commercial vehicle accident? Determining liability can be complicated in these cases. It may be challenging to know who to hold accountable for your injuries without the help of an attorney. A lawyer can help protect your rights and assist you in getting the largest possible recovery.

At Virginia Beach Injury Law, our attorneys represent individuals who have been seriously injured in commercial vehicle accidents. We have recovered millions on behalf of injury victims throughout Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the largest recovery possible. Contact our office today at (757) 802-4662 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Who Can Be Held Liable After an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle?

When you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, there may be one or more parties that can be held liable. The best way to determine who should be held legally responsible for your accident is by contacting an attorney. 

Parties that may be held liable in a commercial accident:

  • The truck operator - If the truck operator intentionally caused the accident, they may be held liable. A truck operator may also be held legally responsible if they were not driving within the course of their employment.
  • The trucking company - In many cases, the truck driver’s employer can be held responsible for injuries caused by their employee. It must be shown that the driver was driving within the course of work and that their actions were not deliberate.
  • Another motorist - If the accident that caused your injuries was caused by a third party, such as another motorist, they may be held liable for your damages. It is important to discuss your case with an attorney to determine who or what caused the crash.
  • The truck manufacturer - If the truck was defectively designed, the manufacturer may be held responsible. Holding a manufacturer liable can be hard without the help of a lawyer.
  • An auto parts manufacturer: When the commercial accident you were in is caused by a dangerous or defective auto part, a manufacturer may be held liable. 

A lawyer can conduct an independent investigation to determine what caused the accident. Many cases are based on evidence that may not be readily available to you. An attorney can subpoena the truck operator’s driving logs and safety records to determine if any state or federal laws had been violated. They can also seek things like maintenance records to see if the truck was in proper working condition.

Injured in a Commercial Vehicle Accident? Contact Our Office. 

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