Why do Some Personal Injury Claims Take a Long Time to Resolve?

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If you have never been through the personal injury claims process it is likely that you have many questions. That only makes sense. Filing a personal injury claim can be highly intricate and the path from the time you file to the time you settle or are awarded your damages can have hurdles and obstacles that can prolong the process. When your personal injury claim is taking a longer time than you expect to come to a settlement, there could be many reasons why.

Individuals that live in the state of Virginia can file injury claims against negligent parties that caused their injury accident to get the compensation they need to pay for their damages. Statistically, when you work with an attorney, you improve your chances of obtaining the most compensation from your claim. It is estimated that people who work with personal injury attorneys have the potential to be awarded damages 3.5 higher than what would be awarded without an attorney’s assistance. In Virginia Beach, Ron Kramer is a Virginia Beach personal injury attorney that can support your efforts and help you with your personal injury claim.

What Causes a Personal Injury Case to Take So Long to Conclude?

Personal injury cases can result from many injury accidents. Car accidents, slip and fall incidents, medical malpractice situations, boating accidents, and more can all be reasons for victims that are harmed to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Sometimes, these claims can be very clear and uncomplicated. When this is the situation, coming to an agreement as to what a fair settlement is can be done so in a timely manner. 

Every person’s case is different and there is no way to tell at the start of a personal injury claim filing what hurdles and challenges may arise along the way. Many things can happen that can prolong the time it takes to actually obtain compensation. Specifically, if an agreement cannot be made then the case will likely have to go to court. Even though the majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court, some are not. When this happens the length of time to come to a resolution will be prolonged.

Personal injury claims that lag can be frustrating. This is certainly so when a victim is also trying to manage their recovery from serious injuries. However, it is the victim that files the claim who must show that negligent acts were committed by another party and that those actions were what caused the incident that lead to their damages. Doing so is best done by way of gathering enough supporting documentation and information that not only shows but also proves the victim’s claims. All of this data will be used by an insurance adjuster to calculate the claim’s value. It will also be used by the victim’s attorney to determine a fair settlement amount.

Insurance adjusters typically do not want to go to court and fight a suit against them. Still, if negotiations cannot be made and no resolution outside of the court happen, a lawsuit may be filed. This will extend the time it takes a victim to conclude the claims process and be compensated.

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