Car Safety Technology and Crashes

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Car safety technology has sure come a far way to the point where some cars can do most of the work of driving. While self-driving cars are on the horizon, they aren’t quite effective and trustworthy enough to be used widely and as a means of accident reduction. Though their future in these respects certainly appears promising.

The majority of drivers aren’t using self-driving vehicles and as a result, the burden of safe driving falls predominantly on the driver. However, there are many safety features that cars can use to make drivers better and safer on the roads.

In Virginia Beach, after a car accident, the Virginia Beach car accident lawyer at Virginia Beach Injury Law can help victims get the compensation they need and deserve for the damages suffered after a catastrophic crash.

What is the Best Car Safety Feature to Have on a Car?

There are some safety features that have a long proven history of effectiveness with respect to reducing cataclysmic damages to car occupants in a crash. Airbags, for example, are one of them. Airbags come standard in cars these days, especially in the front of a vehicle. Albeit, there is always the option of equipping cars with airbags throughout the vehicle, including side doors and even in seatbelts. Vehicles with more airbags tend to rank higher in terms of car safety ratings.

Some other vehicle safety technologies that can provide an extra layer of protection include:

  • Forward Collision Warning 
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Inattentive Driver Alert
  • Lane Keeping Warning

While all of these technologies can make a big difference in safety when driving not one or any combination of these guarantees complete protection from traffic accidents. Car accidents can still happen even with all of these added safety features.

The one thing these safety features do, though, is an attempt to minimize the most dangerous aspect of driving, which is negligent driver behavior. In the United States, studies have shown that as high as 99% of car accidents result from driver mistakes. Therefore, safe drivers are the best defense against accidents.

So, the most important safety feature your car can have is a driver that is responsible. Defensive drivers that will not violate road rules, drive while intoxicated or drowsy, or who refuse to allow distractions while behind the wheel give themselves and their car occupants the best chance of avoiding a traffic accident.

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