Driving with Nitrous Oxide in Your System is Impaired Driving

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Getting behind the wheel with any form of impairment or inability to be completely alert and in control of your actions is a bad idea. When a substance is in your system and you are driving, your behavior may also be considered illegal. It is widely known that drunk driving or driving while on a controlled substance is unlawful and extremely dangerous. Yet, every year there are so many drunk driving accidents that a person loses their life every 52 minutes from one of these events.

It isn’t just alcohol or controlled substances that can cause a driver to make errors while driving which leads to an accident, over counter medications can also reduce a person’s ability to safely operate their car. Drivers who cause automobile accidents can be held both civilly liable for the destruction and harm they cause, but also in some situations face criminal charges for their reckless behavior.

Nitrous oxide is an inhalant that is used both medically and recreationally. The result of breathing in nitrous oxide can help patients being treated medically with associated pain. However, if used recreationally, whip-its, as they are called, can cause a myriad of health problems including death. Taking nitrous oxide into the lungs affects a person’s ability to function properly and if the inhalent is in a driver’s system, then they are putting themselves and anyone else around them in danger.

How Do People Recreationally Use Nitrous Oxide?

The use of drugs and alcohol is a growing problem in the United States. People with substance abuse problems have their own personal reasons as to why they drink or do drugs. Drinking and drugs alter a person’s state of mind, they can cause euphoria, and they can relieve pain. If a person wanted a cheap, quick high, nitrous oxide is a good choice. Often, a person who inhales nitrous oxide will feel its effects right away, but then as those feelings subside believe that the chemical compound is no longer in their system affecting them. This is simply untrue. Despite the intense feelings nitrous oxide can produce initially, not feeling the symptoms any longer doesn’t mean that the chemicals are no longer in the body. Nitrous oxide can stay in a person’s system for hours.

A person who inhaled nitrous oxide should not get behind the wheel because if they do and they cause an accident they may face a lawsuit from the parties that they harmed. If it can be proven that they were inebriated at the time of the crash, they may also face criminal charges. Should you be injured in a car accident in Virginia Beach, a qualified and skilled Virginia Beach personal injury attorney can help you build your Virginia personal injury claim

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