Homeowner Insurance Requirements for Pool Installation

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The number of households deciding to install a swimming pool after the past two years has risen substantially. With the 2020 summer essentially being shut down and limitations in 2021, having a swimming pool in your yard makes a big difference. Swimming pools have been in such demand, that pool companies have been having a hard time keeping up with orders. As a result, many homes across the country have been left on a list eagerly awaiting their turn to get a home pool.

Having a pool is great fun, but it also comes with substantial responsibilities. Caring for your pool to keep it clean and hygienic is one aspect of pool ownership. Making sure your pool is secure to minimize a drowning incident is also necessary. For your homeowner’s insurance to be satisfied that your pool is safe, they may require you to take certain actions. This is because if a drowning accident or other injury incident happens at your pool, you could face legal repercussions.

What is Necessary for Your Homeowner’s Insurance to be Satisfied Your Pool is Safe?

It is very common, that local regulations along with the guidelines set forth by your homeowners’ insurance will make it necessary that to have a pool you must also:

  • Build a fence around the pool.
  • Have an alarm system.
  • Have someone in the home be trained to administer CPR.
  • Have certain safety equipment for the pool.
  • Have set pool rules that swimmers must follow.

It is important that the fence you install is one that is strong. It must also be large enough and made out of material that makes it very difficult to climb over. The fence should also have a gate that self-locks, to ensure that when people go in and out, the fence will be secured from small children.

Having a gate around a pool is incredibly important. Mostly because it acts as a barrier that can prevent people who are not authorized to enter the pool and little ones who may be lured to the pool from outside to get in. 

It is not just enough to have three sides of the pool surrounded by an easy opening to the home. This is a common mistake that homeowners make. That fourth wall of the fence should not be a door to a home. It is incredibly easy for someone in the home to simply access the pool by opening up a door.

If you are set on having your home be the fourth wall of a fence, then it too should only have access doors that are child-proof and easily locked. An alarm system is also a must. Homeowners should always be diligent when it comes to keeping an eye on their pool. If someone gets in, particularly if they are little children, the risk for a drowning incident is very high.

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The summer is coming to an end but many home pools stay open longer than Labor Day. If you were at a public pool, a hotel pool, or a friend’s pool in the Virginia Beach area and you or someone you loved suffered a drowning incident, call the Virginia Beach drowning accident lawyers at Virginia Beach Injury Law.  You can schedule a free consultation with the Virginia Beach drowning accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law by calling (757) 802-4662. 

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