How Does a Virginia Beach Near-Drowning Accident Happen?

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In 2019, the country saw a slight rise in the number of fatal drowning accidents that took place during the summer that year. The most vulnerable population where young children under the age of 15. The reports of drownings across the country for the time period of Memorial Day through Labor Day in 2019 showed a minimum of 150 children 15 years-of-age and younger lost their lives in a drowning accident. In 2019, Texas had the majority of the cases at 26. 

In the state of Virginia from July 2008 to July 2018, there were 398 drowning cases. If you lost a loved one or had a loved one sustain catastrophic injuries as a result of a Virginia beach drowning accident, call Virginia Beach Injury Law. The Newport News drowning accident attorneys at Virginia Beach Injury Law can help you learn about your legal rights and fight to secure as much compensation on your behalf as possible.

What is Near-Drowning?

Near-drowning happens when a person is stuck underwater and is in the process of suffocating. Before they fully asphyxiate, they are saved. A victim of a Virginia Beach near-drowning accident will need immediate medical attention after being rescued from the water. Without immediate medical intervention, the victim faces further harm and damage that will continue to worsen with time.

The period of time your body is submerged, you are unable to breathe. The longer you are under the water not breathing, your body is being deprived of the necessary oxygen it needs to survive. As your oxygen levels decrease, your body will start shutting down. The processes can go quite quickly when it comes to small children, who have small bodies. A little child that is suffocating underwater who is not immediately spotted and rescued may only have seconds before they succumb, and lose their life.

Some situations that put a person at risk of a drowning accident and struggling in the water include:

  • Not being taught how to swim and can’t swim
  • Becoming frantic and agitated in the water
  • Young children
  • Engaging in water activities while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol
  • Suffering from a medical episode in or near water

It is common to think that drowning accidents can only happen in large bodies of water. While these locations do pose a great risk for drowning and are responsible for many drowning accidents every year, it only takes a bit of water for a person to drown. Norfolk near-drowning accidents have the potential to cause injuries that will impact a victim’s life forever.

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According to Virginia law, to file a claim after your Virginia Beach near-drowning accident, you must have an attorney who holds a license to practice law in the state. At Virginia Beach Injury Law, we have helped countless victims obtain full and fair settlements. Ron Kramer is a Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney who has won millions for the clients he has represented in catastrophic Virginia Beach injury cases. Schedule your free consultation with Virginia Beach Injury Law today by calling (757) 802-4662.

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