How Often Are Car Crashes Caused by Running Red Lights?

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Even though it is extremely dangerous and against the law, running red lights happens with high frequency on the roads. Red lights exist to manage the control of traffic in a safe manner. When a driver dismisses a red light, other drivers that begin to proceed when they have a green light can be taken by surprise as a speeding car flies by them. And in this situation, the drivers driving through a green light can consider themselves lucky they were only shocked by a car flying by that had just run a red light. Indeed, the alternative could have been much worse. Running red lights causes many accidents every year that result in severe debilitating injuries and death.

If you live in the greater Virginia Beach area there can be a lot of traffic, especially during the busy summer months when people flock to the beach. it is reasonable to believe that at some point when you have been on the road or even if you have walked along the road as a pedestrian you have, at least one time, witnessed another driver run a red light. Sometimes these rule-breakers get caught by law enforcement, sometimes they do not, and sometimes they cause catastrophic car accidents.

If you were injured in a car accident in Virginia Beach or if you lost a loved one in a deadly crash, you have the right to pursue compensation from the negligent driver that caused your harm. Filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim can be beneficial to secure the financial compensation necessary to recoup your losses. To learn more, the Virginia Beach wrongful death attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can help.

How Prevalent are Car Accidents Caused by Drivers Running Red Lights?

How Common Do Crashes Happen from Running Red Lights

Most drivers understand that running a red light can come with expensive tickets, license demerits, and even suspension of one’s license depending on the situation. Also, many drivers can agree that running red lights while driving is an unsafe practice. In fact, according to the National Coalition for Safer Roads, data from the American Automobile Association indicates that as many as 85% of drivers concur that it is unacceptable to run red lights. Yet, these same drivers also admit that at least 31% still ran a red light as recently as the last 30 days.

The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Safety Administration reports that on an annual basis in the country at least 1,000 lives are lost to crashes that are caused by drivers running red lights. Further, these incidents are responsible for upwards of 700,000 injuries and more each year. Additionally, it is not just the physical cost and loss of life that the country suffers, but there is also a heavy financial burden from the devastation that these crashes cause. In 2019, fatal crashes resulting from drivers running red lights cost $390 million each month.

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If a driver runs a red light and hits you, you have the right to file a claim for compensation against them for the damages their negligence caused. When you file your claim you can include all of the harm you suffered such as your medical expenses for treating your injuries, property damages for the destruction of your car, pain, and suffering for the physical toll you had to endure, lost wages when you had to miss work, and more. 

The Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury law can fairly assess your current and future damages to determine a proper value for your claim. Call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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