Protecting Against Deadly Virginia Pool Drain Drowning Accidents

Written by: Virginia Beach Injury Law

Drowning incidents are tragic and while anyone can suffer injuries or die from drowning, young children are the most susceptible to deadly drowning incidents. When in a body of water, if a person is struggling and having difficulties, they may go undetected because not every drowning victim will engage in behaviors that show they are having problems. It can take as little as 20 seconds for a person to drown which means time is critical and the sooner a person can be identified as toiling in the water and rescued the better the chances they have of surviving.

Every year more than 320,000 people will die in a drowning incident around the globe and in the United States, as many as 4,000 people lose their lives in drowning accidents. In the United States alone, on a daily basis, there are approximately 10 fatal drowning incidents that take place. For younger children, more drowning incidents take place in pools while older children are more prone to drowning in natural bodies of water like lakes, for example.

If you lost a loved one or if you suffered injuries and physical bodily harm from a drowning accident in Virginia Beach, you may be able to file a Virginia personal injury suit for compensation. To learn more about your rights and what options you have for compensation Virginia Beach Injury Law has the best Virginia drowning accident attorney that can answer your questions and provide you with effective and resourceful legal counsel.

How Can You Reduce the Potential of a Pool Drain Drowning in Virginia?

The drain of a pool is a dangerous place and the powerful suction can pull a person in and cause them to drown. Pool drains can also cause serious physical bodily harm. If a person gets caught up in the suction of a pool drain, not only could they sustain injuries but during their struggle to get free, they may be stuck underwater and unable to get to oxygen. If you own a pool or if you go to a pool owned by another party, the following strategies can reduce the risk of experiencing a pool drain accident in Virginia:

  • Always check pool drains for damage that may exist as well as to ensure that the cover is on the drain and is firmly attached. Inspecting a pool drain should be done on a daily basis before people get in to swim especially if the pool is regularly used.
  • Due to children’s high vulnerability to drowning and their small bodies which are much more prone to harm, they should not be allowed to play near the pool drain. Children should always be supervised when swimming and never be allowed to get into unattended waters.
  • Advise all individuals getting into a pool of the dangers of the pool’s drain and instruct them to stay away from it while swimming.
  • Make sure that the shutdown switch is not obstructed so that if an issue arises the suction can be turned off immediately.
  • Keep a fence or other protective surrounding feature around a pool and when the pool closes for the day or is not being used, the fence should be locked. This better prevents naive people and especially little children from wandering in and getting hurt.

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