Road Safety Tips During Heavy Traffic

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As summer rapidly approaches, so do all of the tourists and summer vacationers who love to frequent and enjoy the many amenities that the Virginia Beach area offers. From the great cuisines to many bodies of water, not to mention the ocean, and the outdoor festivals and markets, there is much to enjoy. However, as a result of the influx of people, the roads tend to become much busier with many more automobiles and pedestrians. This makes the risk of car accidents much higher than it is when there are fewer people roaming the streets.

Car accidents can have devastating results for victims. Injuries, emotional trauma, and death are all possible. After a car accident in Virginia Beach, the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law is a trusted legal professional that can help victims file a Virginia claim for compensation to help them recoup the costs of their damages. This damage may include property destruction, pain and suffering, medical expenses, missed wages, and more.

Staying Safe in Heavy Traffic

Heavy traffic situations tend to be some of the most perilous in terms of the potential for car accidents happening. When there are many cars on the road not moving at all to only moving at very low speeds, traffic can feel like it is at standstill. Being unable to get to your destination in a timely fashion can make your trip much more frustrating, and if you are stressed and upset about the traffic conditions you are in, it is likely that others around your feel the same.

Because of how vexing dealing with heavy traffic can be, finding ways to get out of it and relieve one’s self of having to deal with everything is something that most drivers will be looking to do. This can result in more drivers taking an increased risk and engaging in unexpected behavior to try and swerve out of a lane that is not moving or speed onto an offramp to get away from everything. With little room to operate, these quick decisions can leave other drivers with no time to respond. This means there is a very high chance of crashes happening. In many instances, what starts out as just two vehicles colliding can easily lead to many piling up.

To reduce the risk of a crash in heavy traffic the Virginia Beach catastrophic car accident injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law recommends the following tips:

  1. Travel a bit slower than the rest of the traffic and where possible keep room between yourself and other cars. In heavy traffic situations it is difficult to make rapid adjustments to respond, so driving a bit slower than traffic gives you a little more time to do what is necessary to minimize the potential for a crash.
  2. It is easy to become distracted while driving so slowly and barely moving. But staying alert is necessary for all situations on the road, specifically in situations where there is a lot of traffic.
  3. Don’t make quick moves without allowing other drivers some indication of what you are going to do. Make your intentions known with turn signals.

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