Strategies Insurance Companies Use to Offer Low Settlements

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Insurance companies are tricky and they have many strategies that they use to reduce or eliminate payments to victims. Adjusters will often sound like they are very concerned about your well-being after your accident. They will ask a lot of questions, however, this is not because they are genuinely concerned with whether or not you are okay. They are simply trying to gain your trust and get as much information about your situation along the way so that they may use it against you. If you don’t know about these strategies, you may fall prey to them and unknowingly jeopardize the amount of money you get for your damages. 

After an injury accident, victims can be highly emotional and be under tremendous duress. The insurance companies know this and they know that the fragile state of victims after accidents make them vulnerable and an easier target to take advantage of. Victims who are unaware of these unfair tactics can be duped into accepting an offer that is far lower than what is necessary to cover their damages. This is why having a knowledgeable Virginia Beach personal injury attorney handle the insurance companies while you recover from your injuries is the best way to ensure that your interests are protected.

What Happens When an Insurance Company Makes an Offer?

It is helpful to understand the fair value of your case. If you aren’t sure how to calculate this number, then connecting with an experienced Norfolk personal injury attorney will be beneficial. Your attorney can examine your case and investigate all aspects to determine a thorough and comprehensive value that includes all your present and future damages. 

The cost of your damages is not likely to change with time, if anything it could increase. For example, if you calculated the cost of future medical treatment and your case is prolonged, you may be continuing to receive medical attention. As you collect the tangible receipts from your care, they may show that you actually require more money for the increased medical costs you incurred. So if an insurance adjuster tries to offer a low-ball amount and then starts intimidating you into accepting it because they say that they won’t be able to offer you anything else, don’t be too quick to fall for this and allow them to pay you less than you deserve. You don’t have to settle with the insurance company when they are being unreasonable. When you work with the Virginia Beach catastrophic injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law, you will have exceptional legal counsel that will fight for a fair settlement and be ready to go to trial if necessary to get the money you are entitled to.

Insurance adjusters that know victims have a valid case will try to make offers quickly so they can close out their case as soon as possible for the least amount of money. They will initially offer a small amount of money and make it seem like the offer is fair. If you don’t accept it, and you don’t have to, that could force them to raise their offer. The adjuster may still offer you a settlement way below what your actual costs are and tell you that it is their final offer and they cannot make any other offers. This is a common bluff that insurance companies engage in and there are maneuvers that your attorney can take to fight back and defend your legal rights.

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