Tips to Reduce Virginia Beach Drowning Accidents in Children

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Warm summers in Virginia bring many to frequent local pools and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Virginia Beach. While splashing around in the cool water is a way to escape the heat and have fun, playing in water can be dangerous. Specifically, young children who lack strength, skill, and experience in the water are the most at-risk for drowning accidents. This is true across the country and in Virginia Beach. Due to the coastal nature of the region, Virginia Beach drowning accidents happen frequently. 

It is extremely important that caregivers always keep an eye on their children when they are swimming. It only takes seconds for a child to get into a troubled situation while in the water and potentially succumb to a fatal drowning. Even if you are at a pool with a lifeguard present, that doesn’t secure your child’s safety. Accidents can still happen which is why staying alert and watching children when they are in the water is so critical. 

If you or a loved one suffered injuries or death in a Virginia Beach drowning accident, your accident situation may warrant a Virginia Beach personal injury claim. To have your case examined and to learn about your legal options after a water-related accident, do not hesitate to reach out to the Virginia Beach drowning accident attorneys at Virginia Beach Injury Law.

How Can You Reduce the Risk of a Drowning Accident?

There are more proactive safety measures that can be implemented when it comes to a pool than with the ocean. The ocean’s riptides and rough waves require everyone to be extra vigilant because the ocean’s strength can cause anyone to struggle. The following tips may help you keep your loved ones safe in any body of water:

  • Pools must have a strong barrier or fence surrounding their perimeter keeping out small children from accidentally getting near the pool and falling in. The gate should be secured with a child-proof lock that will prevent curious little ones from being able to open it and get into the pool area without proper supervision.
  • Make sure that any doors or windows which are near a pool are secured. This will help reduce the risk that a child opens up a door or window and get into the pool area without their caregiver’s knowledge.
  • Try to keep all things that would be attractive to children out of the pool when not in use. Some of these items would include bikes, food, and toys.
  • Ensure your child is a confident swimmer by having them take lessons or go to a swim school. Then have them practice their skill under your watchful eye to become more proficient.
  • Any child who is not skilled in swimming should have the appropriate swimming gear to keep them afloat while in the water. 
  • Take a child CPR class because no matter how secure you make your pool or how many lifeguards are on duty water accidents can still happen. It is best to be prepared to provide your child with the emergency aid they will need after a water-related accident.

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