Tips to Stay Safe on the Road When Trick-or-Treating

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Halloween may have its origins with the Celts who lived 2,000 years ago and a festival they engaged in called Samhain, but it is alive and well in American culture today. Trick-or-treating is one of the most celebrated activities that children look forward to every year when they pick out their Halloween costumes. At least, it has been since 1951 in the states. 

Going from one house to the next, little ghouls and goblins run about excited about filling their bags with candy. Younger trick-or-treaters are likely to have a parent or other responsible guardian with them when they are out and about. Older children may travel together in groups without parental supervision. 

No matter how old your child is if they are planning on trick or treating with their friends, reviewing some safety information with them can reduce the chance that they will be injured in an accident.

What Safety Tips Should Kids Engage in When They Trick-or-Treat?

There are several safety tips that can help protect children when they are trick-or-treating on their own. Not going into homes or trailing off with people that are unknown to the child is critical. Make sure children know they should not eat any treats that have not been inspected by parents. Wearing a costume that is labeled flame-resistant reduces fire risk. These are all examples of helpful Halloween safety tips.

There are other precautions children should be aware of and alert to when they are out. In specific, staying safe from cars on the road who may have a harder time seeing them in the dark. Some of the following can help children stay safer at night navigating the roads when they are out trick-or-treating:

  • Give your child a flashlight and make sure that they have some type of reflective material or flickering light on their costume so that drivers can more easily identify them. 
  • Go over how to cross the road safely. Such information should include what the right part of the road is to cross if there is no crosswalk. Also, not crossing into the road until all directions are clear of oncoming traffic and vehicles.
  • Not darting out into the road.
  • Telling children to avoid the urge to run from home to home, but walk to each residence.
  • Children should be going from home to home by using the sidewalk, not the street.

If your child is aware of the dangers that come with cars on the road, they can better prepare themselves to take extra safety measures when they are out on their own. Doing so can be instrumental to minimizing the risk of a devastating car accident happening.

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