Top 4 Locations of Car Crashes Other Than Roadways

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Car accidents happen frequently and in a variety of many ways. Along busy roadways and interstates, it’s not uncommon for multiple cars to collide while in the country, cars may leave the roadway more frequently because of speeding or weather conditions. Sometimes a vehicle actually has a defect, causing a driver to initiate an accident. Despite the exact cause, the majority of car accidents happen at intersections and along other roads, but there are many places where an accident can occur. 

For any resident of the greater Virginia Beach area that has been injured in a car accident, it could be possible to obtain compensation for the damages that result. This is specifically true when another negligent party was responsible for causing the accident. Victims of Virginia Beach car accidents can improve their chances of obtaining maximum recovery from a Virginia personal injury claim by calling the Virginia Beach car accident attorney at  Virginia Beach Injury Law.

Where Do Car Accidents Take Place?

Anywhere that a car can move and drive has the potential to be a location where an accident can take place. Aside from the roadway, the following settings also report frequent instances of vehicular crashes:

  1. Accidents can take place in parking lots and parking garages. These locations can be very busy with many cars and people moving about. Specifically, when space is tight like as is the case in some parking garages, there may not be ample room to navigate. Also, turning tight corners can make for blind spots for drivers. Parking garages and lots do not have the advanced safety equipment that roads do like traffic lights, for example. Much of the flow of a parking facility is dependant on drivers and pedestrians paying close attention to their surroundings, taking their time and not speeding, and being extra cautious.
  2. Restaurants, banks, or other facilities that use drive-through features can be a prime place for accidents to occur. The drive-through road is not extremely wide and roomy. Not to mention the slow nature of how these congo lines of cars move through can lead to drivers becoming more distracted until their turn arrives. Further complicating a slow drive through is their stop-and-go makeup which can easily catch a driver who is not being attentive and lead to a crash.
  3. Reckless drivers like those who are inebriated or just plain negligent can lead a driver to hit the gas when they should be putting on the break near a building. Because of this blunder, cars smashing into buildings happens more often than most people think. When a building, home, or business is located on a curved road it is more vulnerable to crashes for drivers that are traveling at too fast a speed to take the road’s bend and stay on the road.
  4. Backing out of a driveway or even pulling out of one also can be a point of contact. Children in neighborhoods are not known for their overly attentive disposition and a child can easily be found at the end of a driveway as a car is driving in or out. Also, drivers on the road, my not be looking at cars leaving their home’s driveway which can easily cause a collision to take place.

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Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury and death in the United States, and this is especially true because of how many ways exist for these incidents to take place. Call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to speak with the Virginia Beach personal injury attorney about your case during a free consultation at (757) 802-4662. 

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