Why You Should Be Predictable When You Drive

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Every year around the country there are millions of traffic accidents that take place. The severity of each ranges from mild to deadly. The United States consistently reports high numbers of crashes more so than many other high-income countries with a daily death count of 90 people from crashes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Driving is a very risky task that is all too often not taken as seriously as it should be. The reality is that every action and decision a driver makes can be consequential and just one mistake can cause a fatal crash to take place.

In Virginia alone in 2020, there were 105,600 crashes reported and 847 people died, as a result, that year. If you have been injured in a car accident in Virginia Beach or the surrounding areas or if you lost a loved one in a deadly collision, the Virginia Beach wrongful death attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law can meet with you to advise you on options that may exist for securing compensation for your losses.

Why Predictable Driving is Safe Driving

Predictability is an important factor for drivers. Meaning, not taking other drivers by surprise, but instead, clearly showing one’s intentions so that others on the road know what you plan to do and can adjust accordingly. 

For example, turn signals have a purpose and a role in driving and there is a reason why they are included in the design of a car. Turn signals show other drivers when you are going to make a change in your position on the road whether that be to turn off of the road onto another street or to make a lane change. Still, many drivers will operate their vehicles without even an attempt to put their turn signals on. As a result, other drivers may be startled by a driver that makes a change in position without using their signals. If there is not much space when a car moves from one location to the next, and they do not use signals to alert another driver of their intentions, then there is an increased risk that a crash can happen.

When it comes to car accidents, the majority of crashes are a result of driver errors. Whether that be ignoring the rules of the road, allowing distractions while behind the wheel, or being careless with operating their vehicles, any misjudgment or careless act can have deadly repercussions. It is impossible to shield one’s self completely from a crash, but to minimize the chances that an accident can happen to you, it is best to always be a defensive driver that is alert at all times to account for any reckless drivers that may be traveling near your vehicle.

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