What Incidents are Considered Wrongful Death?

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When an unintentional injury accident happens due to negligence, the best outcome is an injury that can be fully recovered from. The worst outcomes can be life-altering debilitating injuries that are permanent and the most tragic are those that result in death. When one or more parties behave or act in a negligent and careless way and it causes an event to take place that fatally harms others, it is likely that this may be considered a wrongful death incident. While the victim of a wrongful death incident cannot take action against those that took their life, others can on their behalf.

If you live in Virginia and you lost a loved one from a wrongful death incident taking place, this may be one of the most shocking and distressing life experiences to go through. And thinking about legal challenges after such an event may be the farthest from your mind. But you have rights that deserve to be protected and you can file a claim on behalf of your loved one to secure compensation for the losses that the death of your loved one caused you. 

For help with these complicated and sensitive matters, working with a Virginia wrongful death attorney who has experience handling such cases can be advantageous.

Examples of Wrongful Death Situations

There are many incidents that can lead to wrongful death as an outcome. A wrongful death situation is a civil matter versus a murder or homicide being a criminal matter. Wrongful deaths are those instances where the taking of a life was not planned or intended which is why it stays in the civil realm. While murder, on the other hand, is considered willful and intentional and as a result falls into the criminal system.

The defendant or the party who allegedly caused a wrongful death incident may have to pay financial damages to the plaintiff. The plaintiff is the entity that is filing the wrongful death claim and who is the alleged harmed party. The defendant will only have to pay if they are found liable for those damages. 

Common examples of wrongful death events include:

  • Deadly car accidents
  • Slip and fall incidents where fatal injuries are suffered
  • Dangerous defective products that cause death
  • Fatal dog bites and attacks
  • Deadly medical malpractice 
  • Drowning incidents

When catastrophic injuries from negligence lead to death, it is best to connect with the Virginia Beach personal injury attorney at Virginia Beach Injury Law for assistance. As a catastrophic injury attorney, Ron Kramer is known for his work handling the most severe and cataclysmic injury cases that yield the most compensation for victims.

Speak with a Virginia Beach Wrongful Death Attorney

According to Virginia wrongful death laws, only qualified family members can bring about a wrongful death suit. This would include surviving spouses, children, siblings, or parents, and others that may potentially have the right to file a Virginia wrongful death claim on behalf of a lost loved one. 

For more information on the Virginia wrongful death process and filing a claim for compensation, please call Virginia Beach Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation at (757) 802-4662.

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